Repair and sale
of industrial electronics

12 Months Warranty - Worldwide Shipping - Large Stock

We provide our customers with the possibility to request a material repair online. Give us details of the equipment and you will receive an e-mail with all the instructions.


Warranty up to 12 months.

Free Quote

Free and non-binding quote.

Test benches 2
Test Benches

We test all the equipments.

"If it's electronic,
we can repair it"

>50.000 References

More than 50.000 ref. in stock.

Express Service
Express Service

Express delivery and repair service available

International Sending
Worldwide Shipping

International shipping and service.

Why work with Us?

Repairing and buying refurbished equipment is always the most cost-effective option to save costs, but why do it with Electronic Board?

Customized Treatment
Personalized Treatment

We know what a breakdown means, so we want to provide support that is tailored to each customer.


We have been repairing and selling industrial electronic equipment to our customers for over 13 years.

Test Benches
Test Benches

Test stands for most manufacturers, we test all equipment before it is released.

Any manufacturer
Any Manufacturer

We repair electronics from ANY manufacturer, even made exclusively for our customers.

Repaired Equipment
Equipment Supplied
Years of experience

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