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Obsolete Material

Are you looking for material that the manufacturer stopped supplying? Don't worry, we have a large stock of obsolete material



12 month warranty on our refurbished equipment.



Immediate response to offer an efficient and quality service. 24h international express service available.



Save costs compared to buying new material, with the same quality and guarantee that the manufacturer would give you.


Industrial electronic equipment sales service.

We have refurbished second-hand equipment with a 12-month warranty.

PLC’s, drives, variators, cpu’s, screens, displays, keyboards, servomotors, pc’s, numerical controls, and a long etcetera, from most manufacturers such as SiemensFanucAllen BradleyTelemecaniqueControl TechniquesOmronABBIndramatSchneiderRexroth, etc.  

Why choose the second hand service?

This is one of the fastest options for the electronic problems that companies face, with the same advantages as new equipment, but at a much lower cost!

Tested equipment, with a 12 month warranty.

We don’t have it?

Don’t worry, we’re part of a worldwide network of laboratories. If we don’t have the equipment you’re looking for, we’ll find it for you at the best price! Make us your request now!

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Consult our service of exchange!

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